Hoekstra Fruit Farms’ grapes are sold under two brands, Hoekstra Grapes and Sunshine Grapes.   Both brands share the same production platform and are known for their excellent eating quality.

The Hoekstra Grape brand is earmarked for the European market and sold by our primary importers in the Netherlands, Germany and Spain.  We have developed long-standing relationships with our importers that span decades.  Many of our importers have been selling Hoekstra Grapes, originally branded as Hoekstra Super Grapes, for 30 years.

Our importers include Direct Source International (Benelux), Anton Dürbeck and Global Fruit Point (Germany), and CMR and SanLucar (Spain).

The Sunshine Grapes brand services the southern African market and alternative special markets in the Middle East, South East Asia and China.

All our grapes are pre-cooled and exported from our dedicated Hoekstra Coldstore, Noord-Agter Paarl Koelakmers (NAPK).

What our importers say about us

“The Hoekstra brand is probably the most important in our portfolio. The Hoekstra brand opens doors with all clients focused on and looking for high quality table grapes. Being a  distributor of the Hoekstra brand also had a major impact on the reputation of Anton Dürbeck GmbH as the Hoekstra brand is known for its high quality and persistence.” – Mathias Dürbeck, Anton Dürbeck GmbH, Germany

“[We have been] dealing with the Hoekstra brand for at least for 30 years. The Hoekstra brand in Europe is special and it is incredible that this brand still has such a good name.  For Direct Source International is it very important to have a brand like Hoekstra in our basket,   the exposure is incredible and we are very proud to be part of the Hoekstra family.” – Marnix van Fraassen, Direct Source International, Holland